• Temptress' Brassiere
  • Shimmerscale Chest
  • Blazebreast
  • Thor's Thorax
  • Goram's Superior Chestpiece
  • Mongrel Maniac
  • Skyiron Chestpiece
  • Belphegor's Cage
  • Breastplate of Larenis
  • Multi-Layered Angelic Chest Piece
  • Angelic Chestpiece
  • Robe of Decay
  • Overseer Chestpiece
  • Sturdy Bronze Chestpiece
  • Gatekeeper's Chestpiece
  • Magister's Chestpiece
  • Fortified Mage's Shirt
  • A Mage's Shirt
  • Virus Infected Chestpiece
  • Plate Chestpiece
  • Chestguard of the Troll
  • Dragonhide Chest
  • 114.gif Elven Robe
  • Gravedigger's Robe

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