• Rank Rouser
  • Fire Flower
  • Mastery Talisman
  • Splitterseed Necklet
  • Abraxas Grip
  • Goram's Talisman
  • Djinn Beads
  • 290.gif Faerie Wing Talisman
  • Tablet of Reckoning
  • Demonic Soul
  • Simple Spirit Repellant
  • Trapper Soul
  • Spiritual Mutagen
  • Revenant's Lifesource
  • Werewolf Charm
  • Werewolf Necklace
  • The Goblin Slayer
  • The Overseer
  • Demonic Offering
  • Demonic Mark
  • Moon Gem
  • Dragon Hunter's Necklace
  • Undamaged Eye
  • Undamaged Horn
  • Potent Flower of Healing
  • Flower of Healing

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