• Rhinodragon Horn
  • 371.gif Pandora's Artifice
  • Dragon Egg
  • 347.gif Amber Potion
  • Tome of Knowledge II
  • 308.gif Rabbit's Feet
  • Fire Rune
  • Air Rune
  • Earth Rune
  • Water Rune
  • Cyclops Eye
  • Fire Mark
  • 234.gif Dying Star Creeper
  • Stealth Creeper
  • Necromancer's Tongue
  • Immaculate Molten Heart
  • Molten Heart
  • 222.gif Candy
  • 221.gif Energy Boost
  • Phasma Oubliette
  • Tome of Knowledge I
  • Rabid Goblin's Heart
  • Pristine Goblin's Fang
  • Intact Hellhound Heart
  • Stone of Change
  • Hybrid Virus
  • 1288.gif Undamaged Werewolf Fang
  • Dragon's Gem
  • 104.gif Elven Amulet
  • Cursed Skulls

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