• Fireghast Forge
  • Magmavein Blacksword
  • Bugblade
  • Guardian's Double Cutter
  • Guardian's Light Dagger
  • 307.gif Rabbit Claw
  • 291.gif Occam's Razor
  • 282.gif Archaic Elven Dagger
  • 280.gif Tentacula Club
  • 278.gif Barith Sai
  • Menil A' Rist
  • Demon Axe
  • Firemarked Shortsword
  • Shortsword of Goblin Courage
  • Cursed Dagger
  • Cold Morning Soulbreaker
  • Stolen Sword of Nobility
  • Shadow Skien
  • Miner's Pike
  • Enchanted Bandit's Dagger
  • Bandit's Dagger
  • Enchanted Dagger
  • Enchanted Skele Dagger
  • Skele Dagger
  • Magical Staff
  • Gravedigger's Staff
  • Rusty Axe
  • Beginner's Dagger

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