• The Dissembler's Dirk
  • Guardian's Double-Headed Axe
  • Guardian's Spiked Club
  • Guardian's Heavy Axe
  • Damascus Blade
  • Stave of Enlightening
  • 276.gif Eldritch Icestaff
  • Infernal Decapitator
  • Infernal Mace
  • Agamemnon's Spear
  • Sword of Lost Conscience
  • 238.gif Sword of Larenis
  • Elven Pyro
  • Soul Scimatar
  • Diamond Axe
  • Gatekeeper's Sword
  • Staff of the Magister
  • Immaculate Warrior's Sword
  • Wolfmark Axe
  • Skele Longsword
  • Fallen Hero's Sword
  • 106.gif Sly's Longbow
  • 105.gif Elven Bow
  • 103.gif Elven Longsword
  • Slayer's Will

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