Collection is a feature in Gearquest, used to further your stats, increase your gold and obtain items you can only get through this feature. All Collections are limited to your current level. So if you are level 8, you can't get the Dark Forest collection, simply because you cannot access the Dark Forest until level 12. Please refer here to find the level required to open up a specific area. Here you can find a list of items which you can get. Please note that you can send and receive Collection items as well. They will be posted on your Facebook Profile Wall, and all you have to do is claim the gift by clicking the link.

Dark Ritual (The Cemetery)

Recover The Whisperer (Elven Passway)

Magma Axe (Magma Pits)*

Dragon Eggs (Magma Pits)

Collect the Eyes (Cave of the Dead)

Save the Trader's Trinkets (Haven)

Capture the Werewolf (Dark Forest)**

Get the Bandit's Loot (Bandit Camp)

Skulltastic (Miner's Camp)

Experimental Torture (The Plains and the Passway)

Cross My Heart and Hope To Die (Parting of the Ways)

PvP Medallions (PVP ONLY)

Voodoo Magic (PVP ONLY)***

Light the Candles (Hidden Team Gifts ONLY)

Unite The Rigs (Hidden Team Gifts ONLY)

Missing Gambit (Ishtra's Gambit)

Blood Gambit (Ishtra's Gambit)

Halloween Special (Halloween Bosses)

Save Christmas! (Christmas Bosses)


      • - 1st Vault 25% Decrease in Item Slot Stats, 2nd Vault 50% Decrease in Item Slot Stats, 3rd Vault 75% Decrease in Item Slot Stats, Final Vault 100% Decrease in Item Slot Stats

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