Gear (or item) is the loot of the game. Whenever you go to battle a monster, there is percentage of gear dropping. The harder the monster is, the better gear you will get, but the harder the gear is to get. Gear can be put on by

Also, the gear can be found on this page.

Amulet / Necklace: Gear amulet Amulets and necklaces can be placed in this slot.

Belt: Gear belt Belts can be placed in this slot.

Boots: Gear boots Boots and Sandals can be placed in this slot.

Bracers:Gear bracers Bracers can be placed in this slot.

Cape: Gear cape Capes and cloaks can be placed in this slot.

Chest: Gear chest Chests and Shirts can be placed here.

Gloves: Gear gloves Gloves and Cales can be placed here.

Head: Gear head Helmets and Caps can be placed here.

Leggings: Gear leggings Legguards and Pants can be placed here.

Mount: Gear mount Mounts can be placed here.

Left Ring: Gear ringl You can place your first ring in this slot.

Right Ring: Gear ringr You can place your second ring in this slot.

Shoulder: Gear shoulder Shoulderpad and Pauldrons can be placed in this slot.

Main Hand:Gear weaponl One handed Weapons and Two Handed weapons can be placed in this slot.

Off-Hand:Gear weaponr One handed Weapons and Shields can be placed in this slot.

Gear may have the following properties:

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