Much like the Quests playout, it gives you blow-by-blow information and tells you what is happening. The fight lasts 2 rounds, where you the attacker, attack first then the defender and then that step is repeated. The winner is the person who dealt the most damage or the person who killed the other.

In order to PVP first click on the ‘Fight‘ tab. Then, pick someone from the list with which you would like to fight. Click on the persons name and let their Gear Quest profile page load. Before clicking the attack button (fist in the middle of the page).It is recommended that you look at their stats to make sure they are a fit opponent, although possible to win agains an opponant with better stats, its not garunteed and will likely result in your character having to run away from the fight.

If you are unsatisfied and do not wish to fight this person, click the ‘Fight‘ tab at the top of the page once more to reload the list and select a new player. Once you are happy with your selection, click the attack button in the middle of their Gear Quest profile age and watch the magic happen. Good luck!

Dont forget to take a look at our PVP Guide to help you out with suggestions