The Elect are an elite group of people, who offer a wide variety of bonus' and increases where they really count. Below you will see what each Elected person's special is when elected. Please note, The Elect runs on 24 cooldowns, so you must renew them once every 24 hours. Though you may only have 7 people in your elect at any givin' time, you may be in as many other people's Elects as possible. Even if your full, you could still join more then 100 people's elect at a time, though you may only hold 7 at a time, for 24 hours each. As the timer runs out, your Elect shift to the left, removing the last one instead of the first.

PLEASE NOTE: Magus opens at Level 7, Witchdoctor at Level 12, Syren at Level 18 and Warlord opens at Level 26.

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