After the unfortunate events of Tuesday, May 26th 2009; thanks to the support of our gold members, we have set up new servers to separate the development of the game and the live game. This way we will be able to prevent any unfortunate events by first releasing all *significant* new features to the test server.

We rely on you, the player, to test these new developments out for us and give us feedback / report any problems. After thoroughly testing it ourselves and after you have approved of the changes, we will then roll them onto the live server.

The test server is located at

Character Synchronization

You are able to sync your character from the live server to to the test server every 7 days. This means your level, stats and gear will get copied over to the test server so you do not have to re-level, or find the items again. To sync your character, click 'See Settings' on your Character page and click 'sync Now'.

Test Server Policy

Not all changes live on the test server will appear on the live server, these are our testing grounds and we may bounce ideas off it and see how they work. Also we reserve the right to delete anything and/or everything off the test server without being held liable. So when you are playing on it be aware of this.